When you have comfortably established the daily habit of practicing the “Heart Technique”, it is time for effective and thorough emotional healing by doing “Babaji’s Work”. Schedule a best time to do “Babaji’s Work” daily, allowing a half hour of your time. At times you may feel finished with this emotional healing after 5-10 minutes, other times you may not feel finished for a half hour or longer. But, allow yourself 30 minutes for doing “Babaji’s Work”.

Emotional healing from your many past hurts, pain and developed fears is what will fully set you free. All limitations in your life experiences are in your mind and body. They are a direct result of “stored” pain and fears. You will never be free of them without facing and feeling them. Doing “Babaji’s Work” daily will get you past them quickly. This daily habit of effectively healing and releasing more pain and fear will change your life in every way imaginable. You will come to know who you are underneath all of that pain and fear. Enlightenment is inevitable when you are healing what blocks your true self from shining through and being realized (“Babaji’s Work”), and when you are intentionally expanding your soul (“Heart Technique”).

Implementing these two daily practices into one’s life is a new way of living. I am introducing this to the world now. It is the knowledge you need to achieve God-realization in a relatively short period of time.

Jesus (Mar 6, 2015)

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