Now, are you going to hear My words and do something with them? What are you going to do that is different? Are you too busy to change your life and world? It will be changed either way, but I’d like you to be among the healers and rebuilders.

Every day that goes by is another day to create your own freedom; freedom from trials and tribulations, fear and despair, lack and limitation. Have you thought about what you are going to do today? Who is on your list to help that you do not yet know? Will you look for someone to help today? Or will you be engulfed in yourself? You can spend some time in silence with Me also. Will you?

The changes you are waiting for in your world must be created by you. You are given the freedom to do what you will. May all of you listen well to your hearts. Your minds are your guide most of the time but you can turn this around with intention. In a short time you will begin to feel what you are gaining and it is no longer a challenge giving to others for nothing obvious in return.

Jesus (Mar 5, 2015)