There are two ways to reach enlightenment, that is, God consciousness; through intentional development of your soul’s awareness or unintentional development of your soul’s awareness.

I will remind you that as you develop your soul’s awareness, you are simultaneously healing your heart from your accumulated pain and fear. They are one and the same. Your soul’s love expands within your heart as you heal away your heart’s pain and fear. I have highly suggested doing the “Heart Technique” and “Babaji’s Work” daily to accomplish this quickly.

That being said, I have also given you many other suggestions for how to intentionally develop your soul’s awareness by means of altering the energy you give out; the energy from your own thoughts, feelings and actions. When I say “feelings”, I am referring to more love-based feelings and less fear-based feelings.

Your thoughts and actions create the quality of your feelings. So, if you think more like Me and perform actions more like Mine, you will develop more love-based feelings. This develops more awareness of your soul. Your soul is your Source of unconditional love and it is our Father. Your soul’s love is our Father. This is what you want to experience more of; this is what you are here for. Know that our Father is experienced through your human form; through a developed heart.

If you start adding more of My way of thinking, which simply means more loving thoughts, and you start performing more of My way of behaving (actions/living), you will start feeling more like I do. This means more like the God within you. Until you start experiencing and feeling the benefits of thinking and behaving more like Me, you cannot know the fulfillment this will give you. I am referring to the presence of the love, joy and peace of God; God is fully within you already. You have only forgotten this because your suppressed pain and fear predominates.

So, I want to help you understand that you can induce the expansion of the love that you are, into your conscious awareness by intentionally thinking more loving thoughts and performing more loving actions. I want to further emphasize that doing this may initially not seem so valuable to you. But, I’d like you to do it anyway.

Choosing to do this intentionally develops your soul’s awareness. After doing this for a little while, you will come to know its’ value and you will then never want to stop doing it. Simply put, it is intentionally waking up your soul. You are the one that surrenders intentionally and it is only you who can. I am then able to help you much more.

Jesus (Mar 3, 2015)