Giving more of yourself requires a letting go of yourself. It is the last thing your ego-mind wants to do. In fact, your present perception will instantly become threatened with the notion of giving more of what you have. This includes your energy in all possible ways; your thoughts, your feelings, your time, your actions, your possessions and your desires. You want to keep everything you have for yourself. The thought of giving anything away that you value, for nothing in return, is initially unpleasing.

Your mind thinks that if it gives away something it values, it will have less of it. This makes logical sense. There is an automatic resistance in your perception about giving something you value. You can see this perception easily in a young child’s way of thinking and behaving. A child can play with his toy and enjoy it for a little while. But, he will become bored and empty in time without anyone else to share it with in his experience. You understand the child has not yet learned that sharing what he has brings a much deeper and richer and joyful experience. Fulfillment follows and develops self-love as well.

The child does not have this understanding yet, but will in time with more maturity and growth. It is simply growing up and learning more about how to become a better person. The word better can confuse things, for it is all a matter of perception what is considered better. When I use the word “better”, I mean more loving, kind and caring to oneself, others and earth. This always includes sharing what you have to give.

One can be an adult without being grown up yet. In fact, growing up and maturing spiritually has nothing to do with one’s age. It has to do with one’s heart. When the heart grows, one is growing up spiritually. Self-centeredness becomes less and less because the qualities that come from the heart are replacing the mind’s self-centered perception with a unity-centered perception.

Being thoughtful to others – their feelings, their needs, their desires, their level of happiness starts to become of more interest to you when you start to develop your heart. A significant transition from self-centered thinking to unity-thinking can occur after experiencing extreme loss and despair. It does not matter what set of circumstances get you to this place. What matters is that you get to the point where this transformation starts to take place. This is when you start developing the God within you. This is when you start growing spiritually.

You can bypass the need to experience this loss and despair if you are willing to start living for others before reaching this time that induces this transition in your perception from self to others. You usually do not do this willingly. You do this when you are so broken, lost and confused, you simply let go of yourself because you cannot keep fighting life for what you want anymore. You become too exhausted and give up because you cannot continue living in the same way anymore. Getting to this place is a slow, painful route. Know it is a completely unnecessary route when you are willing to allow this transition to take place.

You can put the cart before the horse, so to speak, and prevent this need by intentionally thinking of other’s feelings, desires and needs. Put your thought energy in the form of action behind it. Start doing acts that help others be healthier, happier and more cared for. You will start receiving the benefits even though you may not be doing these things with a fully developed genuine desire for them yet. Still, you will induce the expansion of your heart’s love regardless. You will grow spiritually. And, in time, you will begin to realize you need never think about what you need or want. You leave that to your divine Creator.

You start experiencing more of God, which is loving energy. It, God, starts taking care of everything in your life more effectively than you ever could have on your own with your self-centered way of thinking. Induce this transition from ego-perception to a more loving and unified perception by letting go of your desires, your wants and start living for other’s happiness and fulfillment. It is this simple. In a short time, you will start feeling our Father awaken within you and you will naturally come to want more of Him more than anything else. He will continue to expand and grow within you and He will take care of everything for you.

Jesus (Mar 3, 2015)