Self-centeredness is a perception that is all about self – your human self and what you can gain from the physical world. It is not wrong to want more joy, abundance and pleasurable experiences from the material world. You are here to enjoy what the physical world has to offer.

But, living your lives solely or mostly for what you can experience from the physical world is not going to fulfill you – ever. In fact, the more you gain in the physical world, the more you will become discontent if you are not also growing spiritually. Temporary excitement for what you gain in the physical world can be fun, but it is limited. Striving for more becomes compulsive and fear will expand within your consciousness. This eventually turns into attracting painful experiences in one form or another.

It is God – the God within you, letting you know that you are forgetting what is vitally important – Him; the God within you. This means your Source of love energy. This energy literally flows through your soul and heart. You have full access to this God energy and can use it to create your life without the effort of your conscious mind. In fact, this intelligent and creative God energy will do a better job at creating fullness of life for you than you could ever accomplish on your own without Him.

I would like to entice you to turn your life over to the care of God before you have the natural, genuine desire or interest in doing so. It usually takes an enormous amount of pain and suffering to get one to a place where they want to do this. But you do not have to go through a long painful phase to begin wanting God to take over your life. You can simply ask Him to now, which means, you need to put action behind your asking Him – you start living for what you think God would want you to do. You just start thinking of Him and what you think He would like you to do today, this hour, this minute. Remember that “Him”, our Father, is your love.

This transitions your entire life to living for God; Love. This is devotion to God; to Love. This is your soul self. Doing it well or not so well, matters not. It is your desire, your willingness and intention to respond with Love that brings an end to feeling incomplete and needing more loss and pain to point you in the right direction.

Jesus (Mar 3, 2015)