My way of living induces the expansion of more love, which heals and reduces the fear. Simply put, your Source of love grows inside. It is always there waiting to be realized and expressed, but more fear must first leave to allow room for it. This is why emotional healing is needed to grow spiritually. It is very simple. You become more love and less fear in everything about you. Your thoughts, your perception, your desires and your behaviors become more loving.

With increased loving comes increased peace, happiness and a fulfillment beyond the mind’s understanding. You feel more and more at home. Confusion is replaced with clarity and wisdom. Simply put, you become more like Me.

You can intentionally induce this natural process of the growth of your soul. You simply try to live like Me. You go beyond yourself and think of how you can add more love, healing and happiness into the lives of others and then you do it. It is so simple. Wanting to do this is challenging at first. You do not see the benefit in it for you. But, you will never know the benefits until you begin to do it.

So then, pain becomes a part of your life. It comes from what you don’t do as much as from what you do. I just want you to know this. Pain is not a necessary criteria for enlightenment. Suffering comes in many forms, all from your lack of consciousness of the love that you are. God will bring you what you need to unify with Him. He wants you back.

Jesus (Mar 5, 2015)