I know many of My words may seem over exaggerated or just plain false and I understand why you are hurting inside sometimes when you read them. Reading My words brings more awareness to all that you are missing. At first, there’s a little or a lot of fear involved with this. You are afraid of being forgotten by God. You are afraid of being left out. Fears come to the surface with thoughts about God. There is a deep guilt and shame with your connection to Me. You do not understand why, yet it is there.

Many of you will close the door at this point, wishing to hear no more. It’s frightening. The pain inside of you gets stirred up just by reading My words because what you need to forgive is what holds you back and you want to avoid it. Stagnation feels more comfortable and safe.

I want you to become more open hearted. The opening of your heart initially brings the pain and it may not seem a desirable process. The emptiness within you that has always been there for no apparent reason is due to your fears. A disconnection with your Creator begins at birth and continues through life, but you do not understand why. You try to fill the incomplete feeling with something, usually for a very long time.

This seeking is an unconscious yearning for something to fulfill you. If you knew what was on the other side of your pain, you would be happy and excited to face it. In time, you’d realize it was never real to begin with.

Know that I love you. Know that you are not incomplete or missing anything. Know that self-forgiveness is needed to find your way back to Me. Seek to forgive yourself from your illusory misgivings, imperfections and mistakes from the past. Remind yourself daily that there is no such thing as being separated from your Creator. Just remind yourself of this. You could not exist if you were not God. He is already within you fully. Seek to heal your pain and fear. Your wholeness is always there, but your unhealed pain distorts your experience. Face your pains from the past. Do not carry them anymore. Forgive them by doing “Babaji’s Work”.

Jesus (Mar 4, 2015)

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