I am a presence that you can feel and many of you are feeling My presence more. It begins with a little more peace, then hope and then a feeling of more trust begins to replace fear and doubt. Your thoughts change and your mind begins thinking of My love. Ever so gradually, more love starts to enter your conscious awareness. You find yourself thinking of others more and honor their feelings as your own. It is usually subtle at first. You may not even realize it for a little while.

Then, you get ideas about living your life differently, including doing more for others. The desire comes naturally. Your own desires seem not so important anymore. You transition your thinking spontaneously more to what you can give and less to what you can get. You feel something within you start to wake up. It is a beautiful feeling.

Then all of a sudden, awareness expands and you “get it”. You comprehend the meaning of your life. You realize there is a purpose in your life that you never thought of before. Excitement for life becomes a new found experience. Inner joy develops and you intentionally change your life. You realize what does not fit into who you are anymore; what is holding you back from growth, happiness and fulfillment. Your priorities change and your life is reorganized. As time goes by, you become more humble. This makes you more open to others who you were closed off to before. And right about this time, you become more opened to receiving a more awakened presence of who you really are. Now, you begin living for Me instead of yourself.

This is when bigger miracles occur, seemingly by happenchance. But, know you have now entered My way of life. Power becomes you. There is power in your thoughts, words and actions unlike before. Now you know why you are here. You begin to experience the divine in every part of your life. Gratitude blossoms within you. It is completely new. An inner joy and awe for life becomes your predominating feeling. You change people’s lives in a significant way and are a part of life like never before. You know you are here for Me and you are so happy to find this out.

Freedom from the stresses of life reduce to nothing in time and you are now living a different life. You strongly want to live for Me. We become one mind, one heart, one soul, one life. We are in the process of unifying; merging as one. A new love enters your direct experience that cannot be explained. Any words will limit it, but it is a love and joy that is a miracle beyond human understanding. The love within you becomes a powerful presence. You are not your single self anymore. You are all.

Jesus (Mar 4, 2015)