Become the all-powerful beings you are through Me. Through Me means by being like Me. Give Me your desires. Consciously give them to Me and ask me to take care of them for you. This one suggestion alone will change your world more toward harmony, miracles and inner joy.

What happens when you do this? I am given your permission to come into your desires. Through Me, you will receive all of your needs. Trust begins the moment you ask Me to take over your desires. I want to help you more than you know. If you ask Me for this, but then fight to create, I am no longer handling it for you. If you take back your will to fight life, I take a back seat. It is that simple.

Giving Me your desires means you let go of yours. It is a surrendering of trying to create what you want. Give Me the desire to give up this fruitless fight. Your desire is all that I need.

Jesus (Feb 2, 2015)