Many are waiting to grow into being a more loving person. In your busy world, it is not practical. You’re caught up in a chaotic system of living that has forgotten that loving is your life line. It is what gives you everything good. Your output of giving love is barely there. This brings consequences. Everything you think, feel and do brings the giver consequences. You are the receiver of everything you give through the power you have to create.

When you begin to consciously want to give more love to others, a power you know not of begins to ignite. It is a power beyond your understanding. This power blossoms within you in feelings of increased peace, love and joy, compassion, forgiveness, excitement for life and a stronger desire to give more love continues to grow. In time, you get it. You connect the dots. You realize that the happiness and joy you’ve been striving for your whole life is found in the acts of giving happiness and joy to others. The world begins to makes sense. Freedom enters your inner and outer world. A new found love for creation is born. It is a love you know not yet. It is fulfillment beyond your understanding. It is the beginning of experiencing truth. Feeling at home in your chaotic world starts being experienced. A peace that passes all understanding is in your direct experience now and your whole world is suddenly completely different.

You become eager to want to give more because you want more of this fulfillment and you change the lives of others in a profound way. This new way of living that is not for you anymore happens automatically. The need to accomplish anything for yourself fades away into nonexistence. You begin to attract more than you ever could have wanted for yourself in all ways, including abundance in the physical world. Healing is occurring within you that is not understood. You witness a power greater than you alone healing you. You surrender to it gladly with excitement and joy and gratitude. You are now letting your Creator take over. From here, words cannot explain the love that enters your life.

Jesus (Feb 28, 2015)