I’d like to ask all of you something else. It may sound impractical at first, but remember that until you are enlightened and fully established in unity consciousness, some of My suggestions may not seem to make sense. Still, they will promote the development of your consciousness.

Many actions expand your soul’s awareness within your consciousness, yet are not valued until the benefits become experienced. The mind works in a way opposite from the soul. The mind is all about itself. The soul is all about “all”.

Choose to be of service, to help someone you do not already know; a person or an animal. Then, make the commitment to help this being for one hour a week. You are going to give him/her/it your personal one-on-one time for an hour each week. This hour is solely for them. It is to help them be happier for that hour.

When you are done with your hour of time for them, say a short prayer to our Father for them. Ask our Father to help them grow closer to God’s love, peace and joy and to bring them more of what they need. Bring your heart felt desire for them to God. Tell our Father you are grateful for your ability to serve and help this other being.

Jesus (Feb 26, 2015)