Can all of you come together in My name? Not to talk at all, but to simply come together for Me? To tell yourselves silently that you want to experience more of Me and that you are devoting your lives to our Father; that you are ready to serve God and each other; that you are ready to grow spiritually and make this your priority; that you are ready to make any needed changes and welcome them. Then, think of nothing and just send Me your love. Make it a silent gathering. All of you coming together for one purpose – to expand your loving energy. To bring a smile to your heart thinking of Me.

Devotion is another topic I’d like to talk about. I have discussed it little. But there is nothing more significant than your devotion. Devotion is love felt and sent intentionally. It is a high honor to give and receive it. There is nothing stronger than giving your devotion. It’s the giving of yourself to another.

Giving your devotion to God creates a very special connection like no other. It’s the beginning of a new love when you are giving God devotion. Loving in a devoted way is unconditional. You give love wanting nothing back for it. It is the purest form of love. It is love given without wanting anything in return. This level of loving is the highest. You cannot just do it overnight. It requires cultivating. It cannot be strived for nor forced upon to create. It happens automatically. Having the desire to serve God is how it gets started and you can begin this first before actually feeling total, genuine devotion.

Jesus (Feb 25, 2015)