Before you get fearful, don’t. It’s time to let go of it. Become the powerful beings you are. There is nothing to fear if you are wanting Me. I am all you need. Change your habitual fearful thinking. Just surrender it to Me every time it comes up. It is the power in your fear that actually manifests precisely what you fear.

If you fear being betrayed, you will unconsciously attract people and experiences in which you are betrayed. If you fear the devil, evil trickery will be bestowed on you in one way or another. If you fear poverty, you will eventually experience poverty. You will experience every fear you hang onto until it is fully healed.

These experiences come to you to help you face those fears you are avoiding.  Your fears are not in alignment with your true-self, your soul. Know that there is one fear from which all other fears are created. You can stop this unconscious pattern by doing “Babaji’s Work”. I will give you further instructions for how to surrender your fear effectively.

Whatever you fear, face it in your mind. Experience it fully in your head; the worst case scenario. Where would you end up? Homeless on the street? Dying alone in a hospital? Experiencing the loss of a loved one? Getting fired from your job? Perhaps being hungry or even starving? Being humiliated in front of your friends? Being cheated on? Go ahead and think of all the experiences you fear. Experience them in your head until the feeling of fear is no more. Then move on to the next one. Do this until there are no more fears left to experience. Face them head on. What happens then? You don’t care about it anymore. It just dissolves. You’ll go where you need to go, which is where you are not feeling fearful anymore. It’s as simple as this.

It seems almost too simple, doesn’t it? Simple solutions for complicated problems always work best. Once you can face your fears like this, they will disappear. It is the nature of life. What you avoid and resist grows stronger. What you face head on weakens and fades away. You will grow past your fear quickly by doing this.

Jesus (Feb 25, 2015)