I would like to discuss Heaven. Heaven has been misunderstood for thousands of years. I have previously discussed this but I would like to discuss it further now. Many think that heaven is a place you go to after you die if you were ‘good’ enough in your lifetime. Some believe only the people of their own religious belief get there. Some think it’s a place where God exists. Others believe there is no such thing.

I want you to understand that heaven is a state of awareness that contains no fear. Heaven is having the full awareness of God; the presence of God’s love. It is a mind-set, a perception that is all loving. When one reaches this state of awareness, they have developed Christ consciousness – a fully loving consciousness. There is no more fear in their perception. Their heart is fully healed of all their painful experiences. Their heart is fully open and loving. The presence of fear is gone.

Fear manifests in many different ways and consists of the belief that you are separate from God. You are born with the limited awareness that you are separate from God, from others and all else. Your soul wanted to experience and express the love that it is. Instead of knowing you are all one as you are, you wanted the experience of learning this. If you already know you are one, you cannot experience the joy of learning that you are not separate. It is the singular joy of falling in love with God.

When your soul enters a fetus, you start experiencing yourself as a separate individual. Learning that you are all the same love energy experiencing individual lives is ‘physical life’. You are not only love energy being itself, you can experience your love energy. The joy of expressing who you are – love energy, is the greatest gift imaginable. But, when you begin fearing the separateness of your existence, ego is born.

Ego is a perception of resistance to whatever is. It is pure resistance. You fear yourself upon this moment. The resistance indicates fear is present. It shows you are not accepting of whatever is happening and that you fear having to deal with it. You fear you are not able or good enough. You could face this fear instantly by not resisting it; that is, not trying to control, manipulate or avoid it.

But, if you reject this separating experience and follow your fear instead, fear is in your perception. The more you follow your fear and listen to it, allow it to control your perception, the stronger and more influential it becomes. It is your formless fear that creates all pain and suffering in your existence – for each and every one of you. You do not know there is another perception available – my perception – Christ consciousness. There is no such thing as pain and suffering when you have developed my perception – my awareness.

You could continue living many more lives unknowingly stuck in your fearful perception. You would then continue living more lives experiencing pain and suffering in various ways. There is another choice available – my way of living. You will eventually accept it, but the when of it is up to you. I am communicating to you through Connie and others at this time, to help you learn how to let go of your fear and allow our Father’s love to flow through you fully.

You must first want this to receive this different awareness; this different perception. This includes a different way of thinking. Altering the way you think is a necessity. When you allow your mind to start thinking more like my way of thinking, you allow your heart’s love to expand within you. This is our Father. Acceptance from you is all that is needed; the acceptance to change your thinking. No one achieves the experience of Heaven until their thoughts are fully loving. How do you achieve only fully loving thoughts? By healing all of the suppressed pain and fear you have experienced. You have to address your unhealed pain and fear from your past. The HOPE Technique is the method I created for accomplishing this.

If you gave yourself a little time each day to do the HOPE Technique, you would quickly be at a different level of awareness. Love would continue to heal your heart again and again until your fears are no more. It can be this simple.

Jesus  (May 16, 2015)