A new day it is. With each new day there is a new opportunity to change your life more toward Me. I will explain the unexplainable. Bliss consciousness is your true state of awareness. It is extreme joy that makes your heart sing. It is divine. It includes no suffering; a life of deep meaning; fulfillment fully realized. God will create this life for you if you allow Him to; if you want Him to. Try a little experiment. For a little while, you choose the time – live for God instead of yourself. Do these simple things each day for a period of time. Make God your commitment. If you do not prefer this way of living, then drop it all:

  1. Pray twelve times a day, from morning through bedtime. Spend five minutes (or more) talking to Me as if I were a close, loving and caring friend. Tell Me how you feel. Tell Me what you think you need. Pray for at least one other. Now, tell our Father My recommended prayer (#27).
  2. Practice the “Heart Technique” daily. (for more info visit: www.HeartTechnique)
  3. Schedule a time each day to do “Babaji’s Work”. (to learn “Babaji’s Work” for free visit: www.HelpFromHeaven.Net)
  4. Decide a way to give one hour (or more) a week of your time to service. Service to humanity, animals or the earth. Make this time of service to someone you do not personally know yet. Add this time to your weekly schedule.
  5. Write a list of things you love doing. Spend at least a total of one hour a week doing one (or more) of these things. This could be in 15 minute increments four times a week or one hour once a week. It is your choice.
  6. Create a more balanced life. Simplify your life as needed. Allow yourself the opportunity to create a more balanced life if it is presently not balanced. Prioritize your life to include these daily practices if you feel you are not able to.
  7. Spend time in nature daily. If you do not have the ability to spend time in nature, then change your life so you can. Ignoring this suggestion will greatly diminish the quality of your life. Make this a priority.
  8. At least once a day before sleep, thank our Father for what you are thankful for.
  9. Throughout the day, pay attention to your negative thoughts. When you notice you are thinking negative thoughts, intentionally change the negative thought to a more loving, trusting and peaceful thought. Do not get caught up in perfection. Just do this the best you can.
  10. At the end of your “Heart Technique” practice, spend a few moments breathing in deeply and slowly, while lying down or sitting. Put your attention on your breath while you are doing this. When doing this, simply know that your breath is life energy that heals your body.
  11. Make a conviction in your mind and heart that you are going to continue this new way of living an honest and sincere try for your committed time. Tell Me once a day that you’d like My help to have the willingness to follow through with doing this. Your ego will create clever reasons why you cannot do this. Just be mindful of this. Reclaim your commitment once a day.
  12. Thank Me each day for giving you this knowledge and remember at least briefly, that I love you beyond measure.

Jesus (Feb 6, 2015)