We used to be in unity. Singing your joy for life was your way of communicating to Me. You did this naturally. Joy for life has been suppressed by your unhealed pain and fear. You have so many lifetimes of unhealed pain and fear blocking your realization of Me. A time has come that will force you out of your ignorance. You need this help. You cannot feel this love for life without letting go of your pain and fear. So, it will become God’s will against yours until you let it go. Surrender it now, today. You do not have to wait. Change your life. Change your daily goals. I have already given you the answer in such a simple way. Do “Babaji’s Work” and the “Heart Technique” daily. You cannot not grow quickly if you do this. Expand even more and say My recommended prayer daily (#27). Help someone be happier today. Save a life. Give your love, which is Me. Stop and listen to your heart for a minute.

Jesus (Feb 5, 2015)

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