Before you try to change another’s belief system, try to understand that all of your belief systems are honored by Me. Your beliefs will never be the same as another’s. There will always be differences among each other. This is the beauty of life. Your differences make each of you the individuals you are. God did not make you as robots. You are free to express your own reality. There will never be the exact same realities for two. This is the beauty of love.

When you want someone to think like as you do, believe like as you and to be like you, you are missing self-acceptance. You do not accept yourself or love yourself and want others to be like you for the comfort it brings to your ego-identity. Know that I made you to be different; each and every one. Trying to go against God’s world is fruitless and it brings pain; loss, emptiness, grief and sorrow. Judge not another. Do not ask your brother to think like you, believe like you or to be like you. Love is neither conditional nor judgmental. Self-righteousness is the most self-damaging quality. Be not God, until you are real for Him.

Jesus (Feb 4, 2015)