Do You Want More Joy and Fulfillment in Life?

Many people lack joy in their life and look for more of it in the wrong places. The joy from your soul is a fulfillment that supersedes any joy from the physical world. Your soul always wants to grow but It needs your inward attention to do so. It is in stillness that your soul’s presence emerges; this is when your soul is growing.

How much time do you spend in stillness? When I say stillness, I mean being in complete non-activity, inviting your soul to emerge. The energy of soul awakening is a peaceful aliveness of happiness and joy. It is a feeling of gratitude and fullness.

Sit down, talk to your soul for a few moments. Become acquainted with It through giving It your attention in stillness. Talk to It as if It were God, because It is God. Develop a personal relationship with this Higher Self, your True Self. It only needs your loving attention and desire to emerge. This will awaken your True Self.

– from the spirit of Jesus

Channeled by Soul Communicator, Connie Fox


Connie Fox communicates directly and fluidly with Jesus, Angels and many other souls. She offers private phone consultations to answer your questions direct from spirit about any personal, medical or spiritual matter. She is also the published author of three books.