Come to a new place with your Creator. Your relationship with your Creator can be renewed, restored and realized. Many of you do not know our Father. You only know what you’ve been taught. Think for yourselves. Feel your heart. Instead of being a follower, become a leader to Christ consciousness. Lead yourself to Christ consciousness by surrendering your life to God. You will lose nothing and gain everything. You’ve been taught that letting go is losing, but it is the extreme opposite. I demonstrated surrender and service, love and honor to each other. I never demonstrated an exception. Giving to God is giving to others. They are one and the same. If you knew My face was behind your fellow man, how would you treat them? Create unity with God by uniting with all. Your separate groups and organizations and religions create division. Need not to define Me. You’ll never find Me through words or beliefs. Grow beyond beliefs. Get to the heart. It does not divide.

Jesus (Jan 27, 2015)