When I was on earth, I wanted to give you the understanding, the awareness that all of your suffering is self-chosen. And, that you can turn the cycle around. Some thought I was crazy to announce that loving their enemies is the way to peace and harmony and fullness of life. It was ludicrous thinking to some. I gave My life to our Father so you could have more time to accept My teachings. Now it is many years later and you still have not grown. Your wars are bigger and better. Your health is extremely compromised. The earth is severely damaged. Your DNA is no longer fully human. You’ve disrupted God’s grace. All of your pain is His. You are trying to destroy your own Maker.

I cannot stress enough the rare time it is. You must come together with the intention of living independently and growing spiritually. Instead of wanting more things, more positions, more money, more fame, more of everything, become independent in a community (neighborhood) and spend time daily learning about loving. It is your spirit self that is the same as your love. Become acquainted with it. Want that instead.

Jesus (Jan 26, 2015)