A new purpose awaits you when your spirit-self starts to enliven; a purpose that brings the fulfillment your heart has been seeking. This purpose is for the good of all. Often, your mind does not want this purpose. It thinks it will have to sacrifice itself for it. But, the mind knows nothing of spiritual matters and cannot understand it. Know that what your mind clings to for its satisfaction and fulfillment, will never satisfy nor fulfill you. Anything from the physical world will eventually disappoint you.

When you allow your heart’s desires to enter into your mind’s desires, you start seeking not for self, but for others’ happiness and fulfillment. Then a fulfillment, a fullness you do not yet understand, takes over. This fullness Itself is alive and starts adding to your life everything you need. You will learn how to let It take over. You will learn that It creates so much better than you do alone. You will learn to trust It. You will then be in Its’ flow of creation and finally understand that what you’ve been doing all along was resisting It. Intentionally and voluntarily, you will then surrender to It.

Letting go of your human self is merely a transition. It is foreign at first but once you get in this flow of Life, you will never want to go back to living as before; the strain and stress of it all; a never ending battle for more. Growing spiritually is your goal. It will bring you everything you seek but do not yet know. Intellectually understanding this process helps you learn what surrender means and what it leads to. It leads to your true self awakening within your conscious awareness and becoming one with all again.

Jesus (Sept 2015)