When you make progress growing spiritually, an inner peace begins to enliven from within. It has nothing to do with the outer conditions of your life. You start to feel at home. It is an unfamiliar feeling, yet also a comforting one. You know this is what you’ve been missing your whole life, but were looking for it always outside yourself; from outer things, people and circumstances. 

Once you start to enliven this part of your nature, there is no turning back to the darkness you now realize you’ve been in. You want to move forward toward further developing this inner peace. More and more you seek this newfound energy of peaceful aliveness from within. In time, you start to become it. This is when a joy awakens and it is a joy that is completely unfamiliar to you.

Your mind will start to question why and what is responsible for this joy that makes you feel more like a child again; lighter and brighter in every way imaginable. Your innocence is returning now and love infuses into your thoughts, feelings and actions like never before. A natural desire manifests to help others feel this love and joy. You are now developing a oneness consciousness. It is not something you strive for. It happens automatically.

Gratitude for life begins to blossom. This is the glory for God spoken of in the Bible. It is real. It is true. This is who you really are. It is our formless Father you have heard about. This is the beginning of the development of Christ consciousness – my consciousness, through your mind’s awareness. This is what the Bible means when it says you must go through me to find the Kingdom of God, our Father.

The truth of who you are is always within you, but cannot emerge until you are willing to let go of the darkness; the untruths your mind has chosen to believe in. They are only illusions anyway – your mind-made self, your ego-self, the devil, your fears – that were never real to begin with. Your physical form has changed many times, but only the true you is always the same; our Father’s love. I want you to know this – from your heart, not your mind.

Be still and know I am God. You begin the process of knowing this when you begin to regularly still your mind’s thinking. This is the only requirement for your spiritual growth to start soaring. Your pure love energy takes care of everything else spontaneously. You need not do anything more but allow it to awaken and heal what is there. Learn how to still your mind. Learn how to be comfortable in stillness at regular times. Otherwise, your mind will continue to take over your life and your whole world.

Jesus  (Sept 15, 2015)