Begin changing your life by devoting some time to your spirit self. If you devote 90% of your time and attention to your physical life and 10% to your spirit self, your life will be 90% limited; a slow process it will be to achieve fullness of life. It’s time to live fullness of life. Your lives need to change dramatically to accomplish this. Your goals need to change. How you spend your time needs to change. What you think of needs to change. What you are wanting needs to change. Change your priorities.

Want God and nothing else. Let Him create your life. It will be so much more than you could ever begin to desire. You do not know the love and power and joy of our Father. Create a more balanced life and your efforts will be needed no more. Work no more than six hours a day, six days a week. Change your work to something you love doing. Live a simpler life if needed to experience this. Still your mind in a spiritual practice daily. Find your inner calm. Heal your heart. Give without underlying expectations. Be in nature daily. Take care of your bodies. Share your love.

Jesus (Jan 25, 2015)