Many are feeling a sense of urgency for something more. An underlying feeling of something missing is increasing. It’s causing more irritation, confusion, disharmony and dissatisfaction. It is a time in your evolution to acknowledge there is more to you than only your physical self and physical life. Your soul is ready to expand and grow. Intentional development of your spirit-self is needed. Emotional healing is needed to accomplish this. Suppressed emotional pain is the only thing that suppresses the growth of your soul. Emotional pain is healed by acknowledging its existence and allowing yourself to feel it fully.

Healing each and every emotional wound from your past lightens your heart, mind and soul. More love, light, peace and inner joy is experienced. To advance to a more balanced state of healing and well-being, you must give yourself a little time daily to get in touch with your heart’s sorrows and pain. The longer you ignore what is there, the more uncomfortable you will become. Grace enters your life when you honor your soul’s calling to awaken. You do this by honoring your pain and those underlying fears that cause your pain. “Babaji’s Work” is a simple and powerful method to heal all of your accumulated pain and fears. It brings awareness to what you have been ignoring. Increased awareness of your spirit-self occurs as you heal your pain and fear.

Jesus (Jan 25, 2015)

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