I am in the process of having a “Help from Heaven” Facebook page created. It should be completed in about a week. I will then resume Messages From Heaven on both this blog page and my Facebook page. Also, I will post “The HOPE Technique” (Healing Our Painful Emotions) worksheet on my homepage which you can download. It was given to me by Jesus and is designed to help do “Babaji’s Work” simply and effectively.

I look forward to sharing my prior “spiritual awakening” experiences as Jesus suggested and look forward to hearing yours. I invite you to share any particular life or spiritual-growth challenges you may be having or to ask Jesus any specific questions. I am happy to share His answers with you on Facebook and to connecting with each other this way. As Jesus said, we help each other learn, heal and grow by sharing our experiences and supporting each other during our journey through life.

Love and Blessings, Connie

(March 29, 2015)