Before you allow your ego to take you back to a more negative state so that it can feel more comfortable and safe, I’d like to expand your understanding of the ego’s identity. This will help you understand more about energy; the energy that is within you that governs your entire life.

Your modern science already understands that every cell in your body is living, moving energy that changes constantly. Moment to moment, it never stays the same. Every atom in your universe consists of living, moving, always changing energy. What does this mean? It means that who you are is energy and the quality of this energy can be more loving energy or more negative (fearful) energy. The quality of your energy creates what you attract and experience in your world. Peaceful, joyful and fulfilling experiences come into your life when you feel peaceful, joyful and fulfilled. When you feel stressed, with diminished joy, peace and love, you are attracting experiences that will continue to diminish your joy, peace and love. It is actually extremely simple. To reiterate – the more joyful, peaceful and loving your energy, the more joyful, peaceful and loving the experiences you will attract.

You can deliberately change your energy, the energy in every cell of your body, to being a higher quality of energy. So, creation energy will create more of what you want – more inner peace, joy and fulfillment. What controls your energy right now? Your perception. What is your perception? It is what you think is real. It is what you believe to be so. It is what your mind chooses to believe. It is your mind’s identity; your ego. Your perception consists of many beliefs, all coming from your mind.

Your true self, your soul self, does not care about what your mind believes. It is irrelevant to it. Your soul knows your mind’s beliefs are not real to begin with. Your soul knows your perception is a conglomeration of many beliefs that are temporary and always changing. It is simply the nature of it. The soul cares about what you feel. It wants you to feel fully loving, like Me. It wants to expand and grow into fullness. What you feel every moment is what governs your soul’s ability to expand or to be restricted. Right now, your mind’s beliefs control your feelings, rather than the other way around. This means your mind controls your life and world. Remember that your mind is a perception which changes from what you believe. It is a temporary identity, forever changing; it is not your true, everlasting, invincible and unconditional loving identity.

You are here on earth to become and experience your true self, in your physical world. This means to grow past your mind’s identity, which is limited to your ego’s awareness. If you focus on your mind’s beliefs as being your “everything”, you live from your mind. As you focus on your feelings, you live more from your heart. Your heart is the path to uniting with our Father. This means how you feel, not what you believe.

So, paying more attention to your feelings and less attention to your beliefs is needed to grow closer to our Father. What does this mean? It means to be more aware of how you are feeling. It means to notice when you are feeling less than loving. The energy you want to induce is loving, harmonious and happy energy. This means living more consciously than unconsciously.

Jesus (Mar 10, 2015)