Before you get defensive, think about My words for a minute. Who do you think you are? A name?, a title?, a profession?, a religion?, a different “other”? Who are you? Who do you represent? You think your mind’s beliefs create your identity. I tell you otherwise. Your mind’s thoughts and beliefs are temporary. They exist while you are in a human body. Who are you after you are not in a body anymore? Do you simply vanish to non-existence?

You fight and argue and struggle to define yourself and you lose your life in the process. You lose God in the process. You are making your temporary beliefs more important than your life and our Father. This is a pity. Wake up out of this separating of people. Who are you beneath all that – all the labels and titles and names? These are no more than words. They hold no significance. You are not your beliefs. Who is beyond your beliefs? The “who” that is real. I am referring to the “you” before you were born; the “you” who continues after your body dies; the formless “you”; the true “you” that is eternal. This “you” is all. Do not separate yourself for the sake of a temporary belief.

Jesus (March 9, 2015)