I am here to help you become whole with Me. I can tell you again and again that you are already whole and at one with Me. But, if you do not know this, it is not your reality. If you choose not to know it, then you will not. You have the freedom to choose your own reality. A new way of thinking is needed to change your present reality. This requires your willingness.

You can read My words again and again, but if you choose not to apply them, you will not gain much from them. What if you made a commitment to your higher-self, just to see where this would lead? Creating a new life on earth requires a new way of living. What if you were to just try it temporarily to see what it creates?

You know not the outcome of every single day, yet you continue to strive for the unknown. Why not become followers of My words for a little while and see what this becomes? If you need more faith in Me, just try this and see. Stagnating where you are will not bring you more. Turn your lives around to a higher experience. If you do not prefer it, you can come back again.

Jesus (Feb 17, 2014)