Many people are wondering if another man of God is coming to earth to lead you to God and change your world for you. This would mean that you are not Sons of God and are unable to reach God yourself.

When I was on earth, I wanted you to know that you are all Sons and Daughters of God as much as I am. But, when you are not thinking like a child of God nor talking like a child of God nor behaving like a child of God, you cannot believe this and you cannot know this. Finding God in your direct experience is extremely simple. What is challenging is wanting to develop God’s qualities.

If developing God’s qualities sounds like an arduous, boring task that includes sacrificing your joy, you have learned incorrectly. Your concept of God is distorted. God is not angry. God is not judgmental. God is not disappointed in you. God loves you individually and wholly. He wants to merge with you fully. He wants to express His love through you fully. Instead of feeling that God is a task maker, know that the more awareness of God you develop within your consciousness, the more joy you feel.

The joy of God expansion within you is what you are all seeking. But until you know Him, you seek this joy, this fulfillment from the outer world – from people, from things and from external situations. Nothing in the physical world will satisfy you nor fulfill you. Coming to this realization is usually very painful. You want your world to be how you think it is. I’d like to help you understand this more intellectually before you know this as truth.

If you turned your thinking around voluntarily, not because you have to, but because you want to, you would save yourself a painful future and time lost in ecstasy. God experienced is ecstatic joy; love and gratitude that is beyond your comprehension without the experience. The beauty of God’s grace is not able to be realized through your mind. God’s grace flows through your heart. Heart development is the way to find Me and our Father.

Your soul is who you are beyond your physical form. You do not know your soul. You fear it because your mind cannot understand it. Cultivate experiencing it. Do not try to understand it. Understanding your soul comes automatically with the expansion of it. What you avoid like the plague is what will unite you with it – your pain and fear. Broken hearts do not merge with the Unbroken. Healed hearts do. God cannot heal your heart without you asking Him to. But, do not ask and then avoid feeling your pain. You created it. You must face it to heal it.

Intentional soul growth will save you lifetimes of pain and suffering. There are two channels to God realization: soul growth and heart growth. God energy needs to flow through your heart and soul fully to be God realized and to experience your truth. I want you to know this. Your willingness for growth is required. Focus your attention on how you can make others be happier. This is giving our Father’s love to others and to Him. Give of yourself through love energy. Acknowledge that your spirit needs your attention also – not your body – your spirit. Give it some time to expand daily. Integrate your conscious awareness with it.

Jesus (Feb 12, 2015)