Fullness of life is awe for life. Singing from the heart becomes your every moment experience. This is your natural state. It has been lost. Fear predominates. Dysfunction is growing rampantly. Hell on earth is becoming more extreme. You are capable of destroying yourselves. You are the creators of your world. You can change the trend you’re on if you come together with the desire to induce spiritual awakening. You need to bypass your false need for separating religions. As long as there are separating religions, there will be a separating consciousness and unity consciousness cannot be. I brought Myself to you in human form to teach you that separating yourself from others is separating yourself from God. You have gained little by my example of loving all regardless of your differences. You were born to be different. You are fighting God’s creation if you are wishing others to have your beliefs. This will only bring you pain and emptiness, sorrow and grief. Why do you want to be above others? God is our Creator.

Jesus (Feb 9, 2015)