I am a powerful force and I am your Savior. Being able to be saved by Me means you develop Christ consciousness. It is My heart, My mind and My spirit that must be developed within you. This is My return. It comes from within you. I will give you the specific steps required to know Me and unify with Me in your direct experience, not only through your mind’s limited way of knowing from beliefs:

  1. You first realize that nothing and no one in this physical world can or will fulfill you. To become fully whole in your awareness requires a unity consciousness.
  2. You heal away the only thing that blocks you from feeling and experiencing Me fully, which is your true inherent state of consciousness; pure peace, pure love and pure bliss. This is already within you. It is always within you. The presence of this energy – peace, love and bliss, is our Father’s presence. You are here to become one with it; to manifest it fully in your direct experience in physical life. You must face, feel and heal all of your pain and fear. “Babaji’s Work” specializes in mastering this quickly. (To learn “Babaji’s Work” for free visit: www.HelpFromHeaven.Net)
  3. You intentionally grow your soul. This means to practice a daily program that effectively stills your mind’s thoughts and increases awareness of your soul’s awareness, wisdom and presence. The “Heart Technique” teaches you how to develop this effectively and quickly. (To learn more about the “Heart Technique” visit: www.HeartTechnque.com)
  4. You must want God. You must want Him more than anything in the physical world. You must cultivate your love and devotion to Him. I am the connector to God consciousness. Come to Me first and I will guide you to Him. All of you are My children. Do not separate yourself from Me due to your beliefs. Maintain your beliefs as you’d like, but develop a personal relationship with Me through prayer. This means talk to Me as you would a close, loving and caring friend. Do not memorize prayers and repeat them to Me to commune with Me. Your heart’s love does not merge with Me as well with rudimentary prayers. Talk to Me frequently every day like this:

a.)    Tell Me how you are feeling right now. Tell Me what’s on your mind.

b.)   Tell Me what you need help with today.

c.)    Ask me to take care of every task, issue, problem, desire and need. Know that I will do a better job at handling it than you can. Do your best to trust that if you give it to Me, I am handling it for you. Your trust in Me will grow in time.

d.)   Thank Me daily for what you are thankful for.

e.)    Ask Me daily that you want to become more aware of what My desires for you are today and that you want to honor that above your desires. Know that My desire for you is a higher experience, a higher love and a higher joy for you than yours are.

f.)     Tell our Father that you want to know Him and that you are My devotee and that you appreciate that He created Me for you. You can appreciate Me in this way regardless of your beliefs, religion or faith. But, know that as long as you have a belief system that separates you from others, you will never merge with our Creator. Try to not care so much about your beliefs and focus on loving each other instead, regardless of each other’s beliefs.

  1. Give what you want to receive. Giving what you want will bring more of it to you. Give your compassion, care, help and support to the sick and suffering. You will never reach God consciousness fully until every being in your world is not suffering. You are all one. You are individual beings within one being that encompasses all. When all beings are healed, you will be fully complete. Feeling more and more complete comes quickly when you are actively living your life for God. This means serving and helping His creations; your brothers and sisters, the animal kingdom and earth.

Jesus (Feb 8, 2015)