Responsibility accompanies growth. When you grow spiritually, your responsibility to help others heal their pain is absolutely necessary. If you do not spontaneously develop the natural desire to help others heal and grow spiritually, your mistaken growth is a delusion and will be a painful rude awakening. Growing spiritually begins to develop a natural yearning to bring your increased love and joy for life to others. If this sounds like a chore to you, know that you have not begun to develop this yet. Do not judge yourself for this. Simply know this. You cannot feel this if this has not yet been realized. Feel guilt not. But, I want you to understand that when you grow spiritually, an automatic desire to help others grow spiritually occurs. This will become your passion. And it will fulfill you more than any achieved goal of your own.

You can induce the development of this natural process by helping others heal their pain and grow their soul. It will not seem very self-pleasing at first, for you are still living only for yourself. Put the cart before the horse and induce this expansion of awe for life and God that you do not know exists yet.

Jesus (Feb 5, 2015)