These questions may help you prepare and get the most out of your personal consultation.

My Feelings
How can I feel happier?
How can I feel more loved?
How can I feel less alone in the world?
Why do I feel so guilty about ___?
Why do I feel depressed when I have so much?
I know my feelings of anger are harmful to me but I can’t seem to let go of my resentments. How can I truly forgive?
How can I feel better about myself?
Why am I fearful?
Why do I have anxiety? I see no logical reason for it.
Why do I have these feelings of ______?

Finances, Goals, Career, and Purpose
What keeps blocking me from attaining my goals?
I am not happy in my career – how can I best change that?
I’m worried about finances. Is there any relief in sight?
What are my gifts or talents?
Can you help give me step by step instructions for developing a new business?
I can’t find my passion in life. Where do I start?
How can I create a more gratifying/purposeful life?

Business planning/development
Can you recommend a specific marketing plan for my business?
Is this company/person capable of fulfilling their responsibilities?
Is this potential employee a good match for my company?
Why do I keep having these ongoing obstacles in my business?
How can I receive more universal support for the success of my business?
Can you give me a step by step plan for my new business? Where/how do I start?

Your Health and Well-Being
What is the real reason behind my physical pain?
Do you know of a way to help relieve my symptoms?
What “real” health issue am I dealing with? Can this be healed?
What changes could help improve my health the most?
How are my emotions affecting my health?
Is this particular item good for me? [a food, an ingredient, a product, or a certain substance, environment]
I’m addicted to ____. Can anything help me be free?
Why can’t I stop my compulsive behavior?
What’s the reason I am having difficulty conceiving a baby?
The doctor said my baby is healthy, just “colicky.” Still, she fusses and cries a lot. Why? What can I do?

Somewhat Intriguing Issues
Why am I going through this difficult situation? What is the ‘gift’ in this?
Why do I feel as though this person robs me of energy?
Why do I feel that this person doesn’t like me?
I keep attracting similiar undesirable experiences. Why?
I have an upcoming court case. What will help the outcome to be successful?
Does ____ have my best interests at heart?
I’m considering a move. Is this a good place for me to go?

How can I best help someone in my family/a friend/a co-worker?
Why can’t I attract the man/woman that I want?
Why am I still in an unsatisfying relationship? Can it be fixed?
What is wrong in my relationship with…?
How can I be sure this is the best life partner for me?
How can I feel more connected to God?
Why is my pet so skittish and fearful?
Why does my pet have (fill in the blank) behavioral problem?
My neighbor is a chronic trouble maker. Can anything help!?
Why is my teenager so angry?
My 6-year old has difficulty getting along with others. Why?
Why is my child struggling with___?

Grieving and Loss
I lost my job and can’t seem to regroup. Can you help me?
I am recently divorced and the loss is overwhelming to me. How can I get out of this despair?
What is it like now for my deceased loved one and is s/he at peace?
Can I communicate with my deceased loved one?
I sometimes feel the presence of my deceased loved one but, is s/he really there?

Spiritual Growth
How do I find my own spiritual path?
I’m seeking enlightenment, but don’t know how to achieve it.
Is God really in control of my life? I don’t feel any support from God and I don’t want to give up control in my life.
If God really wants me to be happy and fulfilled, why do I continually lack so much?
I believe in God, but don’t know how to feel connected to God. Can you help?
I’ve done everything I know of to find God – prayer, meditation, reading, seeking, learning, etc. Yet still, I don’t feel God’s presence. Why?
I know I shouldn’t blame God, but I’ve had such grievous loss that I can’t help but to be resentful to God. How could he let this happen?
I want to believe in God, but I just don’t feel it in my heart. What’s wrong?
Why are we really here on earth?