About Connie

Due to a life-threatening illness, in one single instant I lost nearly everything I valued in my life; my fiancé, my home, the hope of having my own family, a life-long friend and eventually all my money. I came to understand what it is like to be so ill there is no hope for a future worth living.

What possible good could have come from this? I acquired a deeper level of compassion and a yearning to help others. After successful recovery, this motivated me to become a licensed Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant. Although this is a useful approach to healing, in time, I realized I could help more thoroughly by applying my communication gift…

About Connie


1. You say you are a “Soul Communicator” and communicate with consciousness. Just what does that mean?
Consciousness is everywhere and somehow I am able to tap into it. I communicate with the consciousness (spirit) of almost any being, living or deceased, including one’s own soul, animals, angels, Jesus, Mahavatar Babaji and the unmanifest Source of all.

2. How does this work?
Simply put, you ask a question and I receive the answer word for word, which I repeat to you exactly as I receive in response to your questions. There is an existing intelligence in every atom of the universe.

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Sample Questions

The following list of sample questions may help you prepare for your phone consultation.

  • Physical healing & emotional issues
  • Relationships
  • Pet’s health & behavior issues
  • Career and life’s purpose
  • Finances
  • Business planning/development
  • Grieving and loss
  • Feelings
  • Making challenging decisions
  • Personal growth and spirituality…
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The Heart Technique

The only way to achieve oneness or unity in your consciousness again is to heal your heart, free your mind from fear and expand your soul in your awareness. The Heart Technique teaches you this in a simple 35 minute daily program.

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